Step away from the sneakers: a guide to comfortable chic footwear

How often do you see a nice outfit ruined by poor footwear choices? The skirt with cross trainers, flip flops and dress pants, or boots suited for dealing with crazy amounts of snow when not a flurry is in sight. I for one love comfy shoes just as much as my heels. I refuse to forfeit comfort or fashion. Here are some shoes that serve both criteria quite well.


Just remember not all flats are created equal. You may want to spend a little more and get a pair that will offer enough support, and wont pinch or blister your feet. Clarks makes a nice supportive shoe. They aren’t always the prettiest, but a basic black flat can only be done so many different ways. If you have followed my blog you know that I get away with a cheap pair from Target. Flats don’t have to be boring either. Leopard print, bright colors, and cute details can do wonders for an otherwise simple outfit.


The wedge offers you a nice stable base to walk on. I find they are usually a little better cushioned than some heels too. I love wedges. I can wear 4 inch heels while chasing after my daughter thanks to wedges! What else is there to say about the amazingness of wedges?

T-Strap Shoes
What would you rather have? Cute strappy shoes that cause you to walk with a limp for days because of blisters? On the other hand, you could have worn the forever classy T-Strap heel. They may not all be the most comfortable shoes, but one strap coming up the front of the foot seems much less inclined to rub and chafe you the wrong way. 
 There are hundreds of options when it comes to boots. You can choose a sensible heel, wedge, or flats. Jeans look great with all of the above, and dresses and skirts look lovely with most boots too.
To wrap it all up, with so many options out there why pair an otherwise lovely outfit by slacking off in the shoe department?!?! Sorry, I had so many wonderful shoes picked out to add to this post, but it was getting a little picture heavy. I will do another shoe craving post soon. Will forgive me then?

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