What do you do all day?

A reader asked me on Formspring what my current job is. Monday through Friday I am a tanning salon manager. Before anybody starts sending me hate mail or lecturing me; I don’t usually tan. I will use the 30 min. bed on occasion just as a method of relaxation. The heat helps my muscles loosen up, and it is much cheaper than if I went to get a massage. I started working there when I was 17. I worked a solid year and a half before I was too busy with my full time job and planning a wedding. I switched over to being on-call. However, I worked a lot of the same hours. I just had the option of saying no if I couldn’t cover a shift. The fall after Nate and I got married the general manager gave me a call, and offered me a full time position. It was good hours, and I also could make commission and bonuses. I accepted the position, and almost three years later here we are.

I also mentioned a week or so ago that I got another part time job. I am also the nursery director at our church. This is fast becoming the best job I have ever had. I LOVE IT!!!! Working with parents and kids is a blast. I only have set hours on Wednesday nights and weekends, so it doesn’t even feel like a job. It is the perfect position for me.

Remember to keep the questions coming!

The Scoop
Dress- Target
Leggings- Target
Boots- Charlotte Russe


2 thoughts on “What do you do all day?

  1. super cute outfit, and thanks for answering my question 🙂 I live in the land of eternal sunshine so we don't have to many tanning salons here, but spray tans are very popular

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