Took Me by Suprise

With leggings this skirt is way shorter than I remember it being when I bought it at the thrift store. When I got it I had bare legs, so it sat lower on my hips. I think I will only wear it with leggings after this, if at all. The good thing about thrifting is it only cost me $2.00. What do you think? Help me out, is this too short with leggings? I originally planned on wearing it with colorful tights, and thicker knit tops this fall.

The Scoop
Shirt- Gap
Skirt- Wet Seal via thrift store
Leggings- Target
Shoes- Target

By the way these pictures are my second attempt at using my tripod and self-timer by myself. They turned out way better than last time. Practice makes perfect.


3 thoughts on “Took Me by Suprise

  1. Yes, leggings BUT you do have some nice looking legs and it is a shame to cover them up. How long is the skirt by itself? 19 year old long or hot mom long? Wow, not very helpful was I.

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