This Much Closer

It is September 1st, and that means we are thisclose to the official start of fall weather. I know some people are already experiences cooler temps, and I have a handful of readers in the New Zealand area anxiously awaiting spring instead. As for me, I’m enjoying everything one day at a time. I plan to exhaust the heck out of my summer wardrobe before I begin transitioning it to fall in order to try and not bore you too much. Except, as I’ve said before in answer to questions on other blogs and more specifically in this post. I will continue to try and be as realistic as possible on this blog, so in truth I have/will wear repeat outfits. However, I will try to stretch myself by wearing them differently if it is a repeat. The basic idea of an outfit can be the same with a different outcome each time.

Speaking of re-wearing pieces. This skirt was last seen here. I like how it seems to flow nicer as a skirt. One thing I’m not liking is the top doesn’t lay very flat folded down, so a belt is a must. Does anybody else have the same belt buying problem as me? I have the hardest time finding belts small enough to wear around my waist. They fit just fine as actual belts, but if it is purely decorational I have to find one with elastic in it most of the time. That would be why you see the same two or three belts over and over.

The Scoop
Cami- Hanes

I don’t know what setting Nate had the camera on, but this is the best editing I could do on Picnik. I’ll be sure to check the camera before he starts snapping pictures next time.


5 thoughts on “This Much Closer

  1. I love how dramatic the long skirt is. I agree with Frances, elastic belts stay in place better when you need a belt to stay put. This is my only elastic belt. I need to get a new one because I don't wear it often because it doesn't really go with a lot of my clothes.

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