Ask and You Shall Receive

I’ve mentioned my love of all things dance related a few times on the blog, and some of you wonderful readers asked for pictures. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures more recent than my senior year of high school. Thanks for being interested in both my blog and my life. I appreciate it very much.

“Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince
“Bond” by Bond
“Storm” by Lifehouse

 If you have any other questions about me, or something else you would like to see on the blog let me know. I would love to do a semi-regular post that answers all your questions.


5 thoughts on “Ask and You Shall Receive

  1. Wow! Just today I was googling adult dance classes in my area. I might have to actually do it and not just google it after seeing these pictures. PS I loooove that Lifehouse song!

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