Rollin’ out of Bed

Saturday night I slept horribly, so I set the alarm to go off at the last possible second before I had to leave to work at church. Alarm goes off, roll out of bed, pull on a pair of pants and belt one of Nate’s shirt, tinted moisturizer, and brushing my teeth was the extent of my morning prep. Just before going out the door I rationalized with myself that if I put on heels I may look like I put forth a little effort getting ready. I think it worked, because, I got a few compliments on my attire. Than again, people commented how awake and fresh I looked too. Either they were lying through there teeth, or the coffee did its trick on the way there. What tips or tricks do you count on when you are in a hurry?

The Scoop
Shirt- Nate’s Closet
Jeans- NY and Co.
Shoes- Jessica of London gifted
Belt- Charlotte Russe


7 thoughts on “Rollin’ out of Bed

  1. You do look really good here! I feel like I'm always in a hurry and sometimes I leave the house without checking my face in the mirror! I often don't wear make up and so this is actually easy for me to do.I think my number one tip for looking great is to get good sleep, but since becoming a mother, that's the one thing that I don't always get because I always stay up too late trying to catch every spare moment for myself.

  2. When I don't have time to do my hair, I pile it all on top of my head and then add a head band or some fancy clips to disguise that i haven't washed or blow dried it!

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