It Goes On and On and ON

No puppy for us this weekend. The lady with the puppies is giving us the run around. Long story short, she is getting attached to the puppies now. Last week we were told her family that was going to take a puppy had already chosen. Today, we are being told they haven’t picked at all. She won’t even let us see the puppies until after they choose. The puppies are already nine weeks old, so I would think they have had plenty of time to pick a dog already. We will give them one more week, and if we don’t have one of there puppies we will pursue a different route. I promised Nate we would get him another dog to replace his German Shepherd/Lab mix we lost almost two years ago.

Since we had planned on making the trip up to get a dog, and that fell through. We had the whole afternoon to spend before Lyla went over to my Mom’s. We got Lyla’s bag packed and went out shopping. I picked up a couple of the Merona cardigans from Target on sale for $10. After finishing up at Target we went over to the mall where I found a pair of boots at Charlotte Russe on sale for $25. I would post a picture, but I can’t get one off of the site, and I don’t have my camera handy.

The Scoop
Shirt- Target
Shorts- Express via thrift store
Shoes- Target


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