Just Around the Corner

Fall can’t be far away. Two mornings in a row I have needed to wear a jacket to work. Granted by the time I’m off work it is somewhere in the 80’s. Thankfully we have had a nice breeze to take the edge off of the heat. How about you guys? What has the weather been like for you this week? I can’t wait for falls official arrival. If you read very many fashion/personal style blogs I’m sure you have read more than a fair share of “can’t wait for fall” posts. I’ll spare you from reading yet another.

I really like these pants. They have a great relaxed fit without being baggy. I think they will work well with boots. Well maybe?!? I guess first I have to purchase said boots first. Any inexpensive suggestions? Target doesn’t have the boots I had originally posted about here.

The Scoop
Tank- Target
Pants- NY and Co.
Shoes- Target

The gathering in back makes it more than just a boring, old tank.

8 thoughts on “Just Around the Corner

  1. I just tried on these at Target last night, they are so cute and actually comfortable:http://tinyurl.com/29e4r68They only had gray and black in store, but they have a great cognac color online that I plan to order. Good luck on your boot hunt. It takes me forever to find boots!

  2. The pants are really cute! I thought I was ready for fall until I actually had to put an outfit together this week when it was in the 60 range and well, I was stumped! 😦 The heck?? I guess I just need to get my fall thought process on since I do think its right around the corner!

  3. Casual chic!Love the rouching at the back, I'm a sucker for an unexpected detail.I'm the opposite here, can't wait for spring…although I must admit today does appear to be showing potential – it's more than 10 degrees which is a start!xo

  4. i can not wait for fall!! but i can def wait for winter. boo. i wish fall lasted as long a winter. i am on the lookout for boots too. i can never find any bc on my legs are to fat/musclely..lol. xoox

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