Eight Days a Week

Good news! I just got a part time job as the nursery director for my church. Yay for the extra income! However, with only one car we now will be busy approximately eight days a week.

Here is what keeps us busy
  • We both work full time jobs
  • Dance rehearsals- Monday
  • Football practice- Tuesday and Thursday
  • Child care (Danie) Sound board (Nate)- Wednesday
  • Weekend services- Saturday and Sunday
OK, so eight days is an exaggeration, but we will be busy everyday except Friday nights. In all reality it won’t seem that busy, because, Nate and I both work jobs were we are off by 1:30. That leaves a good four to five hours before we have to be anywhere.
Sorry, about today’s pictures. I had a longer section of hair fall forward into my bangs that I didn’t feel, and Nate didn’t tell me about either. I changed to be ready to go to the park before looking at pictures. Otherwise, I would have re-taken the shots. I think this means it is time for a trim.
The Scoop
Shirt- Express
Dress as a Skirt- Target
Shoes- Target

I’ve worn all three of these dresses as skirts. (here, here, and today’s post) Maybe it is time for me to try and style them as dresses before summer comes to an end. I don’t know if that will happen or not. I almost prefer them as skirts. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Eight Days a Week

  1. Mary Anne – To answer your question I've done a little of everything. Right now I'm working with a group in some contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. It should be interesting, because, the group I'm choreographing for doesn't have a lot/any dance experience.

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