Dressing Room Review: Kohl’s Fall Trends

 I was a little disappointed by Kohl’s. However, it did make it easier to not buy anything when most items were either not my size, or really not my cup of tea. I wasn’t impressed by the designer brands for Kohl’s. Most of it looked pretty cheap. Here are a few items I tried on by the regular lines carried by Kohl’s. I was much happier there.

AB Studio Leopard Sheath Dress

This dress caught my eye when I was looking for something to sport the animal print trend for fall. It was very work appropriate. The small was a little big on me, but if I wore a cardigan and belted the whole thing it would work. I really like the blue coloring to the print. 

Apt. 9® Cheetah Embellished Tunic
They were displaying this tunic with a pair of leggings that were not quite opaque enough for my taste. I felt more comfortable pairing it with my jeans. Being it polyester it had a nice feel to it, but I could do without the detailing at the top. I would prefer wearing a nice statement necklace with it. Jeans, boots, clutch, and your reading for a fall date night.

Apt. 9® Kaleidoscope Tunic
I have pretty much the same things to say about this tunic as the last one. However, I like the thicker belt a little better than the thin one.
ELLE™ Lace Tunic
I also wanted to find something with lace detailing, because, that is supposed to be a fall trend too. I liked this top except for the extra ruffle on the sleeves. If they would have made the sleeve a little more fitted, and use the same trim as the neckline I may have purchased this one. They say this is a tunic, but I strongly disagree. I think a tunic should at least cover your butt.

Tell me what is on your mind. You can always email me too. danie@noguiltfashion.com

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