I’m Loving It

My vacation has come to an end. I’m sad to see it is over, but after a whole week without my daughter I’m very glad to have her around again. Tomorrow I head back to work, and will resume a normal blogging schedule. 

Now for the point of this post. What has caught my attention so much so that I bought one in almost every color? Not to mention inspiring a whole post about it. On the way out of Great Lakes Crossing mall I saw a New York and Compnay, and had to stop in when I saw a BOGO offer on pants. I spotted there denim wall right away, and wasn’t seeing any skinny jeans in a wash I liked. However, I walked a little farther down and saw them. Jean leggings. I really like them on. They are super stretchy and comfortable, but didn’t bag after a full days wear. They will tuck into boots without a problem. The regular length hits at just the right spot for heels and flats. They have a dark wash, medium wash, khaki, black, and a brownish color. The thing I love so much about them is they don’t look like leggings, and actually fit my waist much better than most pants. I really don’t have any complaints about them. I think they will be in heavy rotation whenever it decides to cool down a bit.

By the way they aren’t as shiny in person. The medium denim wash are more faded too. The three pictured are what I brought home, and to round out my BOGO offer I got these dress capris.


Tell me what is on your mind. You can always email me too. danie@noguiltfashion.com

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