Wish List: Shoe Cravings

I realize I wear the same shoes over and over and over. My daughter can even pick out what shoes I can wear with what outfit, because, my choices are fairly limited. I spent some time shopping online, and these are some of the shoes that caught my eye. Since, you know how much I love me some Target shoes I started out there. However, I have also heard that Forever 21 had some cute shoes on the cheaper side of shoe spectrum. I don’t know if the measure up to the comfort level of my heels from Target, but I may just have to give them a try.

 I need to replace a pair of black pumps that bit the dust back in June, and want to add a pair in nude too. It was easy enough to find both of those at Target.

Next I was on to finding a fun pair of red heels. I really liked the pair that Kendi wore, but I didn’t want to spend that much on suede shoes. At least not a pair that I would love to wear a lot when fall, winter, and all of the puddles and slush that they bring are right around the corner. I know these aren’t much of a winter shoes either, but this is a wish list after all. I could pair them with tights to at least get me through fall. On the other hand I have been known to wear bare legs even in winter if I like the shoe or outfit better without tights.

While I’m showing you open toed shoes. What do you think about these from Forever 21? I’m on the fence about them. I think they look a little cheap online. I may have to take a peak in person when I’m near a F21 sometime.

Since, it just looks like suede and is under $30 maybe I can justify these for fall/winter wear. I don’t splash in puddles on a daily basis. I think I would be OK.

Who wouldn’t want to find a beautiful pair of boots to keep there tootsies warm yet stylish? I have to pass on my black boots I got two years ago from Aldo. They just don’t fit the same after having a child. I also don’t want to repeat my toes going numb from ill fitting shoes like last year. Ouch! I also think I like brown or grey boots better than black. Plus I still have a pair of lower height black flat boots I can wear too.


6 thoughts on “Wish List: Shoe Cravings

  1. All…the….awesome…shoes.. I'm starting to twitch from shoe withdrawals….Those shoes are awesome!! Especially the boots and the red ones….

  2. Hey!My nude shoes are from nine west. I bought them for a very reasonable price. Also, check out amazon. You might be surprised. I picked up a pair of red suede bandalinos for $31, total. (July 31before I started TGAAD). Good luck, shoe shopping is soooo fun!

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