This One is for You Mom

Thanks for all of the get well wishes sent to Lyla yesterday. She is still not feeling like herself today. She did manage to sleep all through the night. She still doesn’t have much of an appetite. Sadly, the only thing she wants to eat is cold pizza from her mini party last night. Cold pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…shoulder shrug…at least she is eating something. Don’t worry she is getting plenty of fruits and veggies from the V8 Fusion she is chugging down like it is going out of style.

I went shopping in my Mom’s closet last week, and out of the things she was giving away I snagged this skirt. It is a bit big on me, but a little pinning made it wearable if I belted it. Keep an eye out for what I plan on doing with it tomorrow! Yes, I wore the shirt yesterday. I can’t help myself. The color is so gosh darn pretty.

The Scoop
Shirt: Express
Skirt: Kohl’s via Mom’s Closet
Shoes: Target

 I promised a picture of my wedding ring a while back, but I still haven’t taken it in to be cleaned. It is a little brighter blue, and shinier in general but you get the idea. You also can see my other accessories that I don’t always remember to show.

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