Put the Past Behind You

Today, Lyla said goodbye to her baby mullet. She had her first haircut around 13 months old, but that was a joke. She wouldn’t  cooperate at all, but what 13 month old wants to get there haircut. Fast forward to today, and she was so excited to get her haircut by Aunt Amanda. Nate decided he needed a haircut, and I figured why not get Lyla’s cut too before her birthday on Thursday. Now the mullet is a thing of the past, and we didn’t loose her little curls either. Gosh, she is getting so big.

Enough about haircuts already. I don’t have many pictures of my clothes today. We got home and had to run out really fast to make our appointment cutting our session to a few quick shots. Thankfully one turned out alright.

The Scoop
Dress- Thrifted
Cardigan- Target (I don’t think this is the same color)
Shoes- Target

I think the flat sandals with the higher hemline made it a little more family friendly instead. Sadly, I didn’t own the accessories I would have like to wear with it. Maybe a chunky cuff or big bangles would have done the trick.

I also really like the idea of bright yellow accessories with the blue cardigan. Maybe not this exact bracelet, but I couldn’t find anything better right away. All this talk of accessories is making me excited for my vacation/shopping excursion next week. What would you have paired with it?

5 thoughts on “Put the Past Behind You

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