Red from Top to Bottom

Red hair, red dress, and red toes I can check all three of them off my list today. I haven’t worn this dress since the wedding I got it for two winters ago. I thought I would give it a shot in the summer. Surprisingly it wasn’t as stuffy as I thought it might be. I am very thankful for that, because, we are in another heat advisory today.

Today’s photo shoot has more mommy blogger, baby blogger photos that I will be posting to the Facebook page. Lyla thought what I was doing was a lot more fun than playing elsewhere. Who can blame her? Posing for the camera is the highlight of the afternoon at our house.

The Scoop
Dress- Target
Jacket- Target
Sandals- Target

Question for you. What are your tips for keeping up a strapless dress? I have the hardest time keeping them up unless it is an elastic top.


10 thoughts on “Red from Top to Bottom

  1. Hi Danie,I get the tag thing now. I will do it.As for the dress, I have a dress very similar to that one. I do not like strapless bras so I always were a tee or tank or man shirt under the dress. It just gives it a cool layering effect, well, I think it's cool 🙂

  2. I've resorted to double stick tape to keep strapless dresses up. It's a bit intense, but totally works and I always feel completely confident when I use it. Super cute red dress, by the way!

  3. My answer: breastfeeding. Haha. I wasn't able to do it before and I probably won't be able to after I wean. I know that doesn't really help.

  4. You look lovely! The red dress really suits your complexion and figure – and shows off your great arms! Try using some fashion tape to keep it up.Lyla is just the cutest thing!

  5. I found an awesome bra at Steinmart that is a tube top with a little extra support. The fabric also helps keep dresses in place. It's totally awesome. You look great by the way. Love that dress with your coloring!!Recently found your blog and love it.

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