Dressing Room Review: Target Tops

The second part of my Target review covers a few tops. I also have Target dress reviews from the same shopping trip.

Xhilaration® Juniors Ruffle Tunic – Pink Mist 

They had this loose fitting tank in a few different colors, and I believe one or two stripped versions as well. I wanted to really see how sheer it is, so I picked the lightest color. It is a little sheer, but not OMG what is she wearing see through. Just don’t wear a colorful bra, and you would be fine. The thing that drew me to this item in the first place was the curved empire seam. It is fairly long in length. The shorts I’m wearing aren’t short shorts, and this still hit an inch or so above the hem in front. However, in back it swoops down a bit longer. I would say the back part actually went an inch and a half past my shorts. On a scale of 1-5 I give it a 4.

Can you tell I had a thing for flower details that day? The flowers are sewn on stronger than most I’ve seen, so I wouldn’t be too worried about them coming off. I did feel that the straps come in farther than I prefer in front, but that is because it has a racer back of sorts. the straps also are chiffon (I think) instead of cotton like the rest of the tank. I think they would be a little scratchy in summer heat, but may be a little more tolerable come fall. I’m not a big fan of the scoop cut hem it has in front and back. On a scale of 1-5 I give it a 3. I can take it or leave it. If it ends up on the clearance rack, and the still have my size I may reconsider.

This last shirt is my favorite by far. It combines a flower and zipper detail that seems to be everywhere right now. I really don’t have any complaints about this shirt. It is cut nicely, and is about as long as the first shirt was in front. I really like that length. It is a little more fitted than the first two pieces, but still not skin tight. It lays nicely too. On a scale of 1-5. I give this one a 5! I can see pairing it with a nice pair of black dress pants, and heels for a night out. Or, dress it down with a pair of jeans.

I hope you liked the reviews. I got a few comments on the Target dress review (see link at the top of this post) saying they were happy to see me reviewing Target items. I did Target reviews, because, as you can tell when I give The Scoop on the outfits I wear a large majority of the pieces are from Target.
 What trends are you looking at now?

9 thoughts on “Dressing Room Review: Target Tops

  1. I really like the last one. Does the photo represent the actually color or is it more red?Please continue with the dressing room reviews. Now that I'm not shopping I need the visuals!

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