9 to 5 o’clock somewhere

Today’s post is going to show a transition from my work clothes, to going out with the girls for a casual dinner with minimal changes. Just swap the skirt for jeans, opt for wedges over pumps, and I will probably be a little overdressed. I don’t mind though that’s just me. I’m so happy to be hanging out tonight…I can taste the Italian food already mmmmm. Are you doing anything fun tonight?

This skirt is admittedly not my favorite skirt, but I needed something nicer than jeans to wear to work. When I tuck things shirts in to it, or they are shorter the skirt looks pretty plain. I know it is a plain khaki skirt, but I look kind of like a soccer mom when I don’t wear a longer shirt. No offense to soccer moms I know some pretty cool moms, but I also know or have seen a few that just have that look about them. You know what look I’m talking about?

The Scoop
Shirt- Charlotte Russe via The Black Market
Skirt- Target
Shoes- Target

For girl’s night I decided to go with a casual pair of jeans with the same top I wore to work, and throw on a pair of wedges to dress it up a bit. I really love wedges. I can walk with the best of them in four inch stilettos. However, give me a pair of wedges and I can pile on the shopping bags and still run after my daughter when she spies the play area at the mall and darts off. Who am I kidding? I’ve done that in stilettos too. I just get odd stares when I do.

Proud Momma Moment: Take look at that adorable picture on the wall.

The Scoop
Shirt- same
Jeans rolled up- Gap
Shoes- Target


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