It Never Goes Out of Style

Jeans that fit perfectly, the infamous little black dress, pumps, cardigans, and the jean jacket. Of course, some of the details change with the passing of time. Then again, so do we. I’ve read from a couple of bloggers that are still sporting the jean jacket they got in the 80’s. It always has a special place in a fully stocked
wardrobe. Plus who doesn’t love a piece of your history you can wear!

My outfit today doesn’t have a jean jacket from the 80’s. Heck, I wasn’t born until the end of the 80’s. I do plan on taking good care of the one I bought at Target just last week, and keeping it around for quite some time. I’m short on time, so here you go.

The Scoop
Dress- Target
Jacket- Target
Shoes- Target
Bracelet- NY and Co.
Earrings- Kohl’s


4 thoughts on “It Never Goes Out of Style

  1. i love how a lot of your pieces are from Target….seriously one of my favourite stores and people laugh at me when I say that but man they have amazing stuff!

  2. Ha ha, I'm one of those bloggers who still has things from the 80s. My son now wears my first pair of Dr. Martins that I bought in 1986. I don't think you were even born yet lol.

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