Dressing Room Review: Target dresses

This is the first of two Target dressing room reviews. I really liked a few of the pieces I tried on, but with the vacation coming up I didn’t want to go crazy at a store I can shop at all the time. I’m dreaming of beautiful stores that I don’t have in town. If anybody wants to throw out suggestions of places to shop, or things we should do in the Detroit, Michigan area let me know. We have a whole week to roam around.

Xhilaration® Juniors Body Con Tank Dress – Black 

I liked the stripes better than the solid colors, but I think I would have like Navy and white better. A detail I really liked was that instead of the flowers being tacked on by one or two stitches they actually were pinned on. On a scale of 1-5 I give it a 4.

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Short-Sleeve Dress – Black/Red/White

 I tried on a few maternity dresses I happened to spy on my way to the dressing room. They had a bit of an Anthropology or Shabby Apple look to them. This was one of the maternity items that are cut specifically for maternity. It didn’t fit on top at all. I do however, love the skirt part’s pattern. On a scale of 1-5 I give it a 2, but if I actually was in need of maternity clothes I would pick this one up in a heartbeat.


Sorry I couldn’t find it online

I think this was my favorite dress out of all of them that I tried on. I think the teal color is even better in person. It is a nice length that is modest, but not dowdy. The tiers fall just right. The fabric feels luxurious, but I believe it was under $25. On a scale of 1-5 I give this one a 4. My only concern is if it would wrinkle too easily.

Now these are the items I came home with. Nothing special just a few things I have been needed or wanting for awhile. A jean jacket, cardigan, shorts (worn here), and skirt. I look forward to styling them for you later.


8 thoughts on “Dressing Room Review: Target dresses

  1. Wanted to email to tell you this, but couldn't find an address. I usually read your blog in my google reader, and i LOVE it. HOwever, I just opened it in my browser and could barely read the font! Just a tip!

  2. Ok, you have been busy. I'm like the new look…More importantly, thanks for doing the Target Dressing Room Review. If you didn't know by now, it is one of my go-to stores (man shirt anyone?). I always shop in the maternity section because Liz Lange is brillant, just brillant.As for your last post, the higher the heel the better for me. And yes, for some reason, pencil skirts NEED a heel. It just feels right.Take care.

  3. Hey Layla! I'm glad you finally got comments on your blog, I've wanted to comment before fyi :)I love the second dress, I wonder if you could get it tailored? Worth it?

  4. I love that third dress, it's gorgeous! I find that usually that particular style can tend to have a bit of an awkward shape (on me, at least) but this one looks like it's cut perfectly!

  5. Love those dresses, and love that you did a review at Target because it's my happy place. The first and the third dresses are definitely my favorites.

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