Afternoon at the In-laws

It is a pretty quite day for me. The in-law’s are still remodeling there kitchen and dinning room with the help of my husband. After work we ran home and took my pictures. As soon as that was done, we headed over so Nate could work. Because, we will be over there for a while we are planning on staying for a BBQ. I didn’t get to check if Nate got any good pictures before calling it quits. He did get a lot with Lyla in them, so I will upload the Mommy Blogger and Baby Blogger photos to No Guilt Fashion’s Facebook page.

The Scoop
Shirt- Target
Capris- Kohl’s
Shoes- Target
Belt- Charlotte Russe
Necklace- gift
Hair Pins- Wet Seal

Ok, I’ll give you a a sneak peek of our duo photo shoot.
My dilemma with this outfit is  I wanted to belt the shirt, so you could see the studs on the belt better. However, I have to wear a belt on these pants too. Thus a compromise was made, and I tucked in the shirt, and belted the pants. I guess I could have left the shirt un-tucked to hide a plain belt on the pants, but that just seemed like a lot of belts. What would you have done?

3 thoughts on “Afternoon at the In-laws

  1. I think you executed it perfectly. I understand the struggle, though- I hate belting my pants and almost always belt my waist (because I'm long-torsoed/short-legged and the higher up I can draw attention, I feel, the better) but belting the pants works well on you. You look great, as does the mini-munchkin modeling with you! 😉

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