Ding Dong the Wedding Bells are Gonna’ Chime

“Wait a second,” you say,”I thought Danie was already married.” Well, you would be correct in thinking that. I am in fact married, and have been for almost three years now. The reason for the title of this post is I decided to wear my wedding dress for today’s OOTD. I had a small, inexpensive, afternoon wedding. Thus the lack of a fancy, I will only wear once in a lifetime, dress. This dress is fun and flirty, and fit the occasion perfectly. If I remember correctly I got the dress at Younker’s, and it had a big bow on the front. I swapped out the big bow for a vintage looking brooch as my something blue. Actually, I had a lot of something blues: blue garter, blue brooch, blue jewelry including a blue stone in my wedding/engagement ring. Ok, I’m done with the trip down memory lane. Here are the pictures.

The Scoop
Dress- Younker’s w/ personal edits
Shoes- Target

Yes I had to include a cheesy “look at the ring” picture. To bad you can’t see the details very well. Maybe, I will get a picture of it after getting it cleaned sometime.
 Anybody have exciting weekend plans?

One thought on “Ding Dong the Wedding Bells are Gonna’ Chime

  1. Your dress is cool. I'm glad you are reusing it. I had a small wedding too. Small fitted my personality better.Thanks so much for your kind words you left me. It was truly appreciated.Your outfit on Wednesday inspired my outfit today. I will post in a few hours. Check it out…

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