Follow the Lines

I got this dress four years ago. I wore it to a casual wedding, but after that it didn’t see much use until I was pregnant. At that point I found the T-shirt material very breezy. When your third trimester falls over the summer months you need cool fabrics. I also found the diagonal stripes very slimming. Yet another perk I enjoyed at nine months pregnant. Today, I decided to pull it out of the back of my closet. I’m not pregnant, but with a heat index of 110 I find the breezy fabric and non clingy cut very desirable. Oh! I like the sweetheart halter too. It feels very old Hollywood to me.

The Scoop
Dress- Vanity
Shoes- Target
Earrings- Wet Seal these are the little sister of these earrings.

I like the darker silver color of the bigger flower earrings, but I like this size a little better. They also don’t feel as breakable, since, everything is closer together.

What is your go to item when it is hotter than Hades out?


2 thoughts on “Follow the Lines

  1. Great dress! Jersey dresses are my go to pieces when it's crazy hot out. I also have a wrap dress that I pull out for this type of weather, too. So breezy!

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