Elbow, Elbow, Wrist, Wrist

That is me practicing my Princess/Ms. America wave. I know that is a quote from some movie, but I honestly don’t remember. I don’t know what I had or didn’t have set up for comments on here, but I think I fixed it while playing around on my phone. Work has been dragging by so slowly these days. What is a girl to do? I don’t have a job where I can pretend to work while stalking friends on Facebook, or playing the latest mind numbing game online. So, when my phone vibrates telling me I have a new e-mail saying I have a new comment I get kind of excited. That being said, I want to give out a big thank you to all the followers who have joined me on my first month blogging. Also, an even bigger shout out to the wonderful ladies who have taken the time to comment on my posts. You make my day every time!

Now that I’m done with the mushy stuff. The way I really spend my day at work is on Bloglovin. I was quite miffed when I first started blogging, and the dashboard on Blogger wouldn’t let me scroll through the new posts on my reading list (on my phone of course). When I ran across Bloglovin I was in 7th heaven. If you haven’t added it to your blog yet I think you should, and let me know so I can follow you that way too. Of course, I will shamelessly say you should add me on Bloglovin too. The link is on the side.


Tell me what is on your mind. You can always email me too. danie@noguiltfashion.com

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