I heart comfy clothes and 4 inch heels!

There are so many things I love. I love comfy, baggy clothes that I feel put together in while staying comfortable. I love wearing high heels, especially shoes from Target. They don’t cost a fortune, last pretty well, and I haven’t met an uncomfortable pair yet. Does anybody else share my fondness for Target’s shoes?

Now for things I just “like” about this outfit. I kept the flower theme going with my accessories. The earrings are a bit awkward to wear at first, but I got used to them as the day went on. The ring is more of a love than a like, but still not as loved as the shoes.

The Scoop
Shirt- NY&Co.
Pants- Target
Shoes- Target
Ring- gift
Earrings- Wet Seal (I got a three pack for a penny.)


6 thoughts on “I heart comfy clothes and 4 inch heels!

  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog today! Nice to meet you.We definitely have a LOVE for Target shoes in common. ANd those are particularly fabulous.love your look and I really LOVE your hair!

  2. Hey, I tried to leave a comment yesterday.Great outfit. I just might need to steal it (linked to you of course.)I love your new haircut. It seems to suit you better.As one mom to another, great prop 🙂

  3. Great shoes! I have a hard time with Target heels, but I also have tiny feet, so I have to search for heels that fit properly. Target is my favorite store in the world, though.

  4. Love that baggy sweater. Looks great on you. Looks good, but still makes you feel comfy.And yes, I totally agree about the target shoes! I have a pair I got earlier this year and can't believe how high they are and how easy they are to walk in!

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