Previous Lack of Imagination

The reason I started this blog was to help me be more imaginative with my clothing and accessories. I figured if I am documenting it I won’t want to be boring by either repeating the same pieces over and over, or going for plain and boring outfits. Just after starting I stumbled on Kendi Everyday. Shortly after I became a follower she issued a 30 for 30 remix challenge to her readers. I decided this would be the perfect starting point for my blog. Boy was I wrong. I jumped in the deep end without knowing how to swim. To sum this up I’m going to drop the 30 for 30 remix, and challenge myself to remix and revive my current wardrobe without the limitations of a certain number of pieces. Trust me this is a challenge in itself. I wish good luck and happy remixing to all of the others joining Kendi in her challenge. I may be down for the count this time, but next time I’ll be ready.

As my farewell to the challenge I offer you this outfit. I wore this dress plain and simple here, but today I decided to wear it how I wouldn’t have done before. If you want to see me grow out of my comfort zone and into my knowledge of style please become a follower and stick around for awhile.

Shirt-Walmart $5 on sale
Belt-Charlotte Russe
Bangles-Wet Seal
Necklace-Charlotte Russe (edited by The Hubby)
Here is a closer picture of the necklace.

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