Lunch Date

That is a lunch date with my daughter. Where do two cute ladies go to lunch when one of them isn’t even two yet. Of course they go to the food court at the mall. With so many options of things to eat, available shopping, and you cannot forget the play area you it is the perfect setting.

I lucked out with my little girl. She LOVES shopping, especially, shoes and accessories. We stopped in at Charolette Russe, and looked at all the jewelry. Just as we got to the fun part of trying on necklaces and bracelets we got a call from the hubby. Bad news he was going to get off early, and since we only have the one car right now that put a stop to are shopping trip.

I did get a picture of us together before we left the house. Now you get to take a look at the way fashionable mother daughter duos work the matching coordinated outfit look. I promise this was unintentional, and isn’t a regular thing we do.

 #7 Shorts- Forever 21 thirfted
#24 Cami- Old Navy
#20 Sweater Vest- Walmart
#30 Wedges- Target
Saturday night we have church, so I changed out of the less modest shorts, and into the next outfit. I direct the nursery department, so I need to be dressed comfy and kid friendly. Of course, the Bean wanted to join in on the photo shoot the second time too.
Tank- Target
(oops this isn’t in my 30 for 30 remix, but it was in the same section in my closet)
#5 Jeans- Target
#26 Sandals- Target 

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