To Tie or Not To Tie?

That is the question I ask today. I kept tying and untying this shirt throughout the day. I don’t know which way I like better. The hubby says untied looks better, and I think he may be right. Before you tell me, I already now I’m being really boring by wearing khaki on the bottom two days in a row. My reasoning is I just got my new to me Gap khaki pencil skirt back from the cleaners, and since today is the last day of the work week I had to wear it. I’m pretty happy with the fit of it, and at $5.00 from a consignment store I couldn’t pass it up. I wish I could have worn either black or nude pumps with this skirt, but like I mentioned here they recently bit the dust.

#1 Skirt- Gap via The Black Market consignment store
#17 Shirt- Target
#28 Shoes- Target

Now to make up for being so boring by my repetitive use of the color khaki. I give you second outfit of the day. I had extra running around to do after work, and wanted to be a little more comfy than my skirt would allow. I’m glad I changed, because, I ended up taking a quick car trip up to Omaha for dinner and some shopping. Don’t worry this second outfit still came out of my 30 for 30 remix pieces. Without further delay I give you outfit #2.
#23 Shirt- NY&CO
#6 Jeans- Gap
#26 Sandals- Target
I’m really glad I changed. Not only because of the car trip, but dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise was so yummy I don’t think I would of had the room in that skirt. I hope you Friday was wonderful, and you enjoy your weekend to the fullest.

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