A few summer product reviews

I have a couple of products that I have gotten recently that I would like to take the time to review.These three items have worked out wonderfully for me this summer. The first item up to bat is Neutrogena’s eye makeup remover lotion. I like that I can use it while wearing my contacts and I don’t feel like my eyes are going to melt from the burning. I have felt this sensation with many liquid formulas. It also works well at removing waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Another reason I like it is I can use it instead of my eye cream during the summer. If I use a eye cream during the summer I find my eye makeup melts much to quickly. When my eye makeup melts that produces more burning sensation, eye problems for me. In my book this product gets two thumbs up, and year round use.

My second product to review is Hard Candy’s Sheer Envy tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. I like it for one of the same reasons I liked the eye makeup remover lotion. It is moisturizing without adding yet another product to my routine. As a busy mom I’m all for taking short cuts. I also have problems with red skin sometimes. This helps even out my skin tone. I can use it alone, or I can put my foundation on top of it if I want the extra coverage. The bonus is it has an SPF in it too! On my raiting scale I also give it a two thumbs up.

My last product is Pssssst! instant dry shampoo. I haven’t mastered the art of dry shampooing yet, however, I like that I can get by washing my hair every other day. As I’m sure you know, washing your hair every other day is better for your hair for many reasons, but it also saves time (hey I already said I’m shameless when it comes to shaving time off getting ready).  I’m sure there may be better dry shampoo formulas out there, but this one is cheap and also won Allure’s editors choice award. For now I will give this product just one thumb up. That may change with further use.

Product reviews to come: Remmington Epilator Torture Device or Time Saver?!?!


One thought on “A few summer product reviews

  1. My sister just tried some dry shampoo. I don't know how she liked it though. I just started washing my hair every other day and already my hair feels better!

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