So "It" Begins

What is “It” I’m talking about? Kendi Everday’s 30 for 30 remix challenge. The rules are to pick out 30 pieces and remix them exclusively for 30 days. Here are my pieces for the challenge. Accessories don’t count, and I had to not include leggings. Some of the items I chose to wear are appropriate without leggings, but for work I have to have the extra coverage. Hope that doesn’t break the rules too much.

 Here is what I have to work with for the next month.
1. khaki pencil skirt
2. khaki Bermuda shorts
3. denim Bermuda shorts
4. black dress pants
5. dark wash jeans
6. medium wash jeans
7. button front shorts
8. brown shorts
9. blue sundress
10. floral v-neck dress
11. purple sundress
12. black short sleeve dress
13 black and white stripe shirt
14. gray shirt
15. black sweater vest
16. black tank
17. lavender shirt
18. olive tank
 19. plaid ruffle front shirt
20. gray sweater vest
21. pink open front cardigan
22. purple floral shirt
23. abstract print shirt
24. fuchsia cami
25. silver wedges
26. pewter sandals
27. black gladiator heels
28. black flats
29. black and silver pumps
30. brown wedges

Now here is today’s items #12 and #25 completed with silver link necklace and earnings. Shhhhhhhh…the dress is from the maternity dept. at Target. The shoes are also from Target. The accessories are gifts.


Tell me what is on your mind. You can always email me too.

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