Attempting To Thrift Shop

We have three, maybe four, thrift stores in town. In the past I have never found anything I liked, however, I have never had the patience to dig through everything. Most of it seems to be in poor condition, or not even close to the right “age group” I’m looking for. In my attempt to add more flare to my wardrobe, and still come in under budget I will try it again.

Here is my shopping list
  • belts-brown and black skinny belts, brown woven belt, and something in a fun color
  • dresses- many different styles
  • accessories- fun, unique pieces that don’t scream senior citizen
  • jackets and cardigans
  • skirts- pencil skirts and full skirts preferably some sort of fun pattern

What I came home with

  • black shift dress
  • khaki pencil skirt
  • black mini skirt-The waist is a little big on me, so it sits lower on my hips. Thus making it a little less of a mini skirt
  • ruffled plaidish short sleeve button up (the description isn’t great, but the pic will follow)
  • blue and white striped, button front shorts
  • floral print v-neck dress
  • olive colored tank

 dress- Maurice’s via Goodwill

Skirt-Gap via the Black Market

Shirt- Eyeshadow via the Black Market

Dress- So. via Goodwill

 Skirt- Wet Seal via Goodwill

Tank-Charolotte Russe via Goodwill

Shorts-Forever 21 via Goodwill

After trying on dozens of pieces these are the winners. I had a blast shopping with Nate. As expected we had a lot of hideous pieces to laugh at and dig through. Overall I think the trip was successful. Since, Nate was so patient with me I thought I would include him in the post with the Hubby’s pick. You might think of course the mini skirt won him over, but nope. He picked the shorts as his fave item.
Will I do this again? Yes, but I think I will mostly stick with the Black Market and Plato’s Closet. They buy and sell gently used name brand clothing and accessories. That my friend is a low budget fashion blogger’s dream. Now a question for you. Do you thrift shop? If so, where?


One thought on “Attempting To Thrift Shop

  1. Yes, I do thrift shop. My favorite place to go used to be Goodwill (I would always hit up their half price days) but now I prefer the Salvation Army. They have a different sale everyday – I love the 99 cent clothing days!

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