I can’t believe this is finally happening.

Let me start of by saying I am finally going on a vacation. I haven’t been on a vacation in close to three years. I really deserve this. The hubby and I are going to Michigan. Nate has an aunt that lives there, and she is letting us stay at her house. We leave the second week in August. Now for the bad news. I’m putting myself on shopping restriction until that time. After all part (read: most) of our vacation will be spent shopping. We don’t have a lot of variety here in Lincoln, so this will be a real treat for me. I also hope to have lots of new purchases, and dressing room reviews to post for you.

Speaking of dressing room reviews. I hope to make that a bi-weekly(?) blog feature. What do you think about that? My store selections are limited, but true to my mission they will be small-budget friendly. Also, as a bonus to you, they are readily available in most areas.

Now for today’s look. I’m going to start by apologizing for the less than stellar pics. I had to use my phone, and a large mirror in my basement. All three things add up barely decent pictures. However, I did take the time to clean up the basement/storage room. It will have to do in a pinch like today. The outfit was quickly put together, as my little Lyla Bean decided to wake up thirty minutes early. The dress was a $15 dollar purchase from Target. The shoes are pewter flat sandals again from Target. I added a pair of leggings to make it a bit more covered up. Chasing a toddler in a super short dress is not something I recommend doing.The dress has a cute ruffle detail in front. I know some of you may think the dress is a little young, but sometimes that isn’t a bad thing. After all the bright floral print gives me a little spring in my step. For accessories I’m wearing my new favorite turquoise bracelet, and a long antique colored charm necklace.


Here it is without the leggings. It isn’t a bad length if I wasn’t running errands with an almost two year old.

Here is a better picture of the pattern and the charm necklace.

Tell me what is on your mind. You can always email me too. danie@noguiltfashion.com

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