pretty places and blank faces

I have come to the realization I have no safe, clean area in my house to take OOTD pics. No problem you say. Take pictures outside. I agree that is a brilliant idea, BUT I live in Lincoln, NE. We have a very, very limited selection of pretty or even unique places. However, today’s shoot takes place at the Sunken Gardens. In my opinion, one of the prettiest places I have access to.

The outfit isn’t very inspiring today. Sorry. I had something better in mind, but  I am missing a skinny black belt. Also, the shoes are less than spectacular. Oh well, they can’t all be hits. You have to experience a few misses too. Item info below the photo set. Enjoy! I’m off to try and fix up a place to take pics at home. I guess you will find out soon enough how that turns out.

open cardigan-Target previous season
cami- Old Navy $8.50 Here
pants- Target previous season
shoes- Target $15 Here
bracelets- NY&Co. $5
sunglasses- Target previous season

Tell me what is on your mind. You can always email me too.

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